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Interrupted the brilliant university career (1 year perhaps? Sic) at the faculty of History of Art, I jumped in the adventure FALSI GIOIELLI in the second half of the eighties.

Florence was at that time a city at the forefront and a fervent pool of ideas and I opened a 3-square meter shop very young, starting to use Plexiglass and geometry. My goal was to create "the antigioiello" with shapes and colors, like fluorescent, completely out of the box.

I do not know if I will become famous for these choices of mine, but I am sure that my product still amazes many and has a slice of clientele decidedly cosmopolitan. Fashion evolves very quickly and I have over time joined to Plexiglas other original ideas such as the Tube Line and the Floral Line.

After all these years I can say that boredom is a word banned by Falsi Gioielli.

... And then do the artisan in the heart of Florence with the "Bottega" always open to anyone who looks at you while you create is a unique emotion!